Solutions Manual

A solutions manual is an organized list of answers to the problem sets included within your textbook. With this resource in hand, professors can easily guide students through in-class discussions or assign problem sets as homework. When end-of-chapter questions are included in a text, solutions manuals are our most frequently requested instructor resource by potential adopters.

To Create a Solutions Manual

  • Review your manuscript and determine which questions need answers.
  • Provide exact answers or example answers for open-ended questions.


  • As you develop your manuscript, briefly type out questions and answers in a separate document. When you’ve completed your manuscript, you’ll have a bank of questions and answers that can serve as a great foundation for your solutions manual.
  • Keep in mind that most instructors will not use multiple choice or short answer questions on exams or formal assessments if they have been previously provided to students. Questions within your text will primarily be used for student practice.