Quick Guide: Drag and Drop (Text Based)

Text-based drag and drop exercises help students categorize, compare, and differentiate among concepts or items. They may be used to review categories that have two-plus items each, match items to groups, or compare different categories’ characteristics. For instance, this could involve distinguishing between two theories, three movement types, or several approaches to resolving a problem.


  • To match single text-based items and categories, like terms and definitions, drag the words may be preferable.
  • We recommend a minimum of two bins (categories or groups) for each drag and drop activity.
  • An activity with four-plus bins may be divided into two screens when developed.
  • Generally, we suggest a maximum of six bins per activity and three – four items per bin.

Multiple-Bin Format

Identify which items belong to each of the bins.

What You Need to Submit

Student Instruction:

Bin 1 Title: item, item, etc.

Bin 2 Title: item, item, etc.

Feedback (optional):

  • Overall feedback (up to 255 characters): OR
  • Overall correct feedback (up to 255 characters):
  • Overall incorrect feedback (up to 255 characters):

Activity settings (optional):

  • Indicate whether items may be dropped into any bins or only the correct bins.
  • Indicate whether students may redo the activity and/or view the solution.


Example of a drag and drop activity with two bins and five draggables.Student Instruction: Drop each item in the correct category.

Elements: hydrogen, oxygen, sodium

Compounds: water, sodium chloride

Feedback (optional): None

Activity settings (optional): Drop into any bins, redo possible, solution visible