Quick Guide: Frequently Used Skill-Builders

These skill-builders are ideal to assess student recall of facts and basic concepts. We recommended using at least one of the following three activities at the end of each chapter.

Drag the Words

A drag-and-drop style activity—students are provided with a bank of words and must drop each into a gap. This activity can take the form of either a paragraph (example 1) or a list (example 2).

Formatting Instructions (prepare your Word file):

  • Droppable words are marked with an asterisk (*) before and after the correct word/phrase.
  • For every empty spot there is only one correct choice.
  • Feedback may be added but is not required. Options include:
    • Overall feedback (up to 255 characters) OR
    • Overall incorrect feedback (up to 255 characters):
    • Overall correct feedback (up to 255 characters):
  • Distractors may be included but are not required.
    • List distractors on a separate line, each marked with asterisks.

Example 1:

An example of a drag the words activity that contains distractors.

What you need to submit: 

Communication is the process of *symbol* production, *reception*, and usage; conveyance and reception of *messages*; and the meanings that develop from those messages.


*sign* *treatment* *memoranda*

Example 2:

Alt Text

What you need to submit: 

  1. Humans ingest big *Nutrient* molecules into the body in the form of food.
  2. The three primary nutrients are –Carbohydrates, Proteins and *Lipids*.
  3. The *Digestive* system breaks food into little molecules.

… and so on.