What Happens after Peer Review is Complete?

Once Cognella has received all reviewer responses, a member of your editorial team will consolidate the feedback into a single document to share with you. Your project editor may draw your attention to points that were consistent among the reviewers or suggest specific edits based on reviewer feedback. You will be given some time to process the peer review feedback before deciding on the scope of edits you plan to make.

Taking in Reviewers’ Comments

The information provided by reviewers can sometimes be a lot to absorb all at once. To make it a bit easier, we suggest:

  • Giving it a brief read-through, then setting it down for a day or so to let the concepts sink in.
  • Going back through the specific feedback a little more thoroughly and jotting out your ideas so they’re organized.
  • Meeting with your editor (or your coauthor, if applicable) and discussing the themes of the overall feedback before outlining your next steps together.
  • Deciding which notes aren’t applicable to your text and highlighting others as your top-level goals.

By breaking things up this way, it can help to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the tone or volume of feedback.

An additional point to keep in mind: if any of the comments seem overly critical, it helps to remember that each reviewer is focused on providing you with actionable feedback that can potentially assist you in revising your manuscript. Your fellow educators share your intention to provide students with a valuable learning tool and are happy to assist you in your efforts to publish material that is of the highest quality and greatest impact to your field.