Step 3: Cheat Sheets and Converters

As you are getting started it may be helpful to use a cheat sheet. There are plenty available on the Internet—here are two we recommend:

  1. An abbreviated list of the most common symbols
  2. A comprehensive list of symbols and commands

An online WYSIWYG to LaTeX converter can also be a helpful tool to use while you are starting out with LaTeX. A converter provides you with a WYSIWYG equation editor to type out your content, then converts your content to LaTeX. We recommend this converter by Wiris:

  1. Use the WYSIWYG editor on the left to type out your equation.
  2. Copy the line of text that generates in the LaTeX box.
  3. Paste the text into your Word document where you want your equation to appear.*

*Note that the converter does not generate inline (\() or standout (\[) delimiters. You will need to manually add the appropriate delimiter to the beginning and end of your equation.

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