News Release – New PR Text Speeds Students’ Writing Development

News Release – New PR Text Speeds Students’ Writing Development

San Diego, Calif – Aug. 25, 2021 – Persuasive writing instructors toiling to transform undergraduates into strategic thinkers and writers during a single semester have a new resource to speed students’ strategic writing development.

In Writing for Public Relations and Strategic Communication from Cognella Academic Publishing, authors William Thompson and Nicholas Browning walk instructors and students through an audience-centered writing process that helps student writers conceptualize, then construct, persuasive prose.

By first explaining how people are persuaded, then applying straightforward audience research processes to define audience motivations, Thompson and Browning provide a logical, easily remembered roadmap. It not only produces quality prose, but also give insights into the organization’s persuasive strategy.

The book, by Thompson, a 40-year veteran of PR practice and teaching, and Browning, a professor at Indiana University’s Media School, offers case studies, paragraph-by-paragraph deconstructions of a writer’s thought process and demonstrates how research can improve a writer’s storytelling skills. The authors’ personal stories and frequent examples enliven vital lessons in creating effective, ethically centered, persuasive prose. An online learning package includes long-form writing prompts, quizzes, case study analysis and exercises.

Writing for Public Relations and Strategic Communication is already receiving positive reviews. A Syracuse University professor thought the book was among the field’s top works. “This is one of the best strategic communication texts I have read,” wrote Kelly C. Gaggin of Syracuse’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. “The theoretical aspects are deep and rich and help to create an understanding that most books don’t cover. The moment the authors clearly demonstrated the connection between communications and economic theory, I was sold. I like the more academic tone that is set throughout the text. It is an excellent text for high-performing institutions.”

Texas Christian University writing instructor Russell Mack noted the authors’ skill in combining academic rigor with a student-friendly tone. “An interesting, up-to-date discussion of the interplay between strategy, content, and tactics in PR and marketing communication,” Mack wrote. “Their approach differs in a couple of ways. First, there are a good many anecdotes and specific examples, which I believe greatly strengthen any book of this kind. Second, there is generally a breezy, conversational, informal tone to the wording, which generally works well with students.”

Virginia Tech Professor Stephanie Smith highlighted how Thompson and Browning’s helps students grow into strategic thinkers.  “[T]his is a very comprehensive book that moves beyond just writing. It helps create an integrated picture about the role of writing in the larger practice of PR.”

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