Review Your Active Learning Plan and Corresponding Activity Guides

Your editorial and instructional design team will help to review your course goals and determine the most engaging and effective delivery methods for your materials. You’ll receive a customized plan complete with suggested activity types and targeted resources from our Author Quick Guide Series. Each author resource provides easy-to-follow tips for preparing your materials for Cognella’s production teams. The instructional designer and project editor are always happy to advise an author on appropriate content features for specific courses and provide any helpful resources.



Be prepared to spend as much time developing an Active Learning full course as you would a traditional textbook. You will need to split your attention between developing instructional content, curating and/or creating multimedia resources, and writing activities and assessments.

Consider how you plan to design and organize your course materials. An effective course design begins with understanding your students.

Some questions to consider:

  • What student level(s) and classes will the course apply to?
  • How can different modes of learning be applied to support students’ varied learning styles?
  • Will students interact with one another synchronously or asynchronously in the course?
  • What resources, practice opportunities and other support do you anticipate students may need?
  • How will you assess your students’ understanding? How can they demonstrate proficiency in the course topics?