Option 2:

Provide the following in a Word document:

Student Instruction:
Primary image alternative text:
Figure number from image log:

Item/Label 1:
Item/Label 1 location:

Item/Label 2:
Item/Label 2 location:

Feedback (optional):

Activity settings (optional):

  • Indicate whether items may be dropped into any location or only the correct locations.
  • Indicate whether students may redo the activity and/or view the solution.


Alt Text

Student Instruction: Drag the label to the correct location on the map.

Primary image alternative text: Map of the continent of Africa, shown in yellow and green, with surrounding and internal bodies of water in blue.

Item number from image log: Fig. 2.1

Item/Label 1: Atlantic Ocean
Item/Label 1 location: Ocean to lower left of continent

Item/Label 2: Lake Tanganyika
Item/Label 2 location: Narrow strip of water on lower left middle of continent

Feedback (optional): None

Activity settings (optional): Drop into any bins, redo possible, solution visible