Find the Hotspot (Graded)

This activity can be used to identify a single point on an image, such as locating a place on a map, or to select a single item from a group of images.

What you need to submit: 

Image log for all find the hotspot activities (separate file)

Activity Title:

Student Instruction:

Figure number from image log:

Primary image alternative text:

Location of correct hotspot:

Locations of specific distractors (optional):

Feedback for correct selection (optional):

Feedback for incorrect selections (optional):


Alt Text

Activity Title: Find the Hot Spot – Hypotenuse

Student Instruction: Click on the label for the hypotenuse.

Primary image alternative text: A right-angled triangle, with each of its corners labeled with the capital letters A, B, and C, and each of its sides labeled with the lowercase letters a, b, and c.

Figure number from image log: Fig. 3.3

Location of hotspot: Lowercase c

Locations of specific distractors: Capital A, capital B, capital C, lowercase a, lowercase b