Image Hotspots

This activity can be used to illuminate aspects or expand on components of an image or a map. Hotspots may open to reveal text, other images, or videos.

Note: Include text, image, and/or video hotspots as appropriate for the content.

What you need to submit: 

Image log for all image hotspot activities (separate file)

Activity Title:

Student Instruction (optional):

Figure number from image log:

Primary image alternative text:

Text hotspot (optional):

  • Hotspot location:
  • Title (optional):
  • Text description or explanation:

Image hotspot (optional):

  • Hotspot location:
  • Title (optional):
  • Figure number from image log:
  • Image description/alternative text:

Video hotspot (optional):

  • Hotspot location:
  • Hotspot title (optional):
  • Video title:
  • Reference number from video log:
  • Video URL:


Alt Text

Activity Title: Hot Spots – Nerve Cell

Student Instruction (not shown above): Select each hotspot to review the components of a nerve cell.

Figure number from image log: Fig. 7.3

Primary image alternative text: Drawing of a nerve cell with its dendrite, nucleus, cell body, and axon terminal shown in purple, and its axon shown in yellow.

Text hotspot 1:

  • Hotspot location: Purple frond furthest to the right
  • Text description or explanation: Axon terminal

Text hotspot 2:

  • Hotspot location: Orange dot in the middle of the five yellow circles
  • Text description or explanation: Myelin sheath