Leverage End-of-Chapter Takeaways/Summaries

When looking at entire chapters, it might be tough to decide exactly what content to present in Active Learning. This might be especially difficult if a chapter has a high number of important topics or does not contain any figures, images, or tables.

For help narrowing down your approach, review the end-of-chapter content. These sections naturally distill the most vital information presented in the text. As such, they are well suited for pairing with Active Learning activities. Potential ways to generate activities that cover end-of-chapter information could include:

  • Developing an expandable text activity that reinforces each of the chapter’s key takeaways
  • Changing takeaway statements into fill in the blank or drag the words review exercises
  • Writing a practice quiz with multiple-choice questions matched to each main point covered in the summary
  • Creating a slide presentation that reviews content emphasized in the summary

Consulting your end-of-chapter content should help you find inspiration for at least one activity type and confirm which topics are most necessary to highlight in Active Learning.

Measure Students' Understanding

Finally, use Active Learning to create assessments that gauge whether students have grasped the material. Assessments such as discussion boards, assignments, and quizzes assist in measuring whether students have become fully proficient in the skills and content areas covered in your book or course:

  • Auto-graded quiz questions help determine students’ comprehension and analysis skills while lessening the instructor’s burden of grading and feedback.
  • Open-ended quiz questions, discussion boards, and assignments help measure higher Bloom’s levels and evaluate students’ critical thinking, reasoning, and self-expression.

Additional resources: For further details regarding how to create quizzes, discussion boards, and assignments, check with your project editor.

Take Advantage of Additional Guidance

Looking for more support? Connect with your project editor to discover what other resources we have available.