Fill in the Blank

Students must type in the missing word(s)/phrases.

Formatting Instructions (prepare your Word file):

  • Blanks are added with an asterisk (*) before and after the correct word/phrase.
  • Alternative answers are separated with a forward slash (/).
  • You must tell us whether the items are case sensitive.
  • Feedback may be added but is not required. Options include:
    • Overall feedback (up to 255 characters) OR
    • Overall incorrect feedback (up to 255 characters):
    • Overall correct feedback (up to 255 characters):

Example 5:

Alt Text

What you need to submit: 

*Behavioral* counseling theories posit that people engage in problematic thinking and behavior when their environment supports it, and that problems will continue to occur as long as the environment reinforces the behavior. *Humanistic* counseling theories posit that people intrinsically have all the resources they need to live full and healthy lives and that issues arise from a lack of problem-solving resources. *Cognitive* counseling theories posit that people experience psychological and emotional difficulties when their thinking is out of sync with reality.

Example 6:

Alt Text

What you need to submit:

Cognella’s office is in *Solana Beach/California*.

Our address is *320 South Cedros Ave, Suite 400*.

Our *phone number* is 858-552-1120.


Note: In this example, both Solana Beach and California are identified as correct potential answers for the first item.