File Provision and Labeling

Once you deliver your manuscript and final image log, the Cognella editorial team will download any image files you have selected from our pre-cleared sources, such as Wikimedia Commons or Deposit Photos. We ask that you provide any photos taken by you or your contributors, originally created figures, screenshots, reference figures, and design aesthetic samples. If your book will include artwork features such as timelines, we ask that you provide all text and information that these will be based upon.

Most figures can be submitted in their original file format, except those with markup added, which can be shared as individual Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files. For more details on file submission types, please refer to the Quick Guide to Selecting Images, beginning on page 5.

Tables can be left in the body of your manuscript files, rather than extracted and submitted separately. Please remember to use Microsoft Word’s table insertion feature for creating tables in your chapters, and check the table settings to ensure that header rows and columns are identified correctly.

Alt Text

Our team will also assist in labeling and numbering your book’s artwork files during the pre-production phase to match your image log and manuscript insert tags. If you are labeling some of your own figures for submission:

  • We use a prefix and two-level numbering system that indicates the chapter number and image number (FIG 1.1).
  • Occasionally, a third level might be needed for grouped or composite figures (FIG 1.1.A).
  • Chapter opener images are most often delineated with the figure number 0 (FIG 1.0, IMG 1.0).
  • Images found in appendices are often labeled using “A” in place of the chapter number (FIG A.1).

The prefix system for artwork files is as follows:

Alt Text

* Figure label used primarily for licensing or production purposes; does not appear in manuscript.

Additional Resources

Cognella also offers two brief, pre-recorded webinars: Complex Figure Programs and Communicating Changes and Updates to Your Figures. Your project editor will be happy to provide you with either of these webinars, should you need them.

Unsure of next steps or have additional questions? Ask your project editor!