What if You Don’t Agree with Some of the Feedback Provided?

  • Authors tell us that the reviewers’ comments can be extremely helpful, ensuring quality work based on feedback from experts in their field. Please note that if some feedback is not in line with your vision for your book, you are welcome to disregard it.
  • Highlight comments of concern and discuss these with your project editor.
  • If addressing feedback would require substantial revision and time commitment, be sure to discuss this with your project editor as well.

Sharing Planned Edits with Your Project Editor

You’ll go through the feedback and highlight suggestions reviewers have made that you wish to incorporate during your revisions. Your project editor will provide a template for you to fill out with a two-column grid that outlines how you plan to update your book. On the left column, you’ll list the feedback you found helpful/unhelpful and in the right column, note your plans and response. Please do refrain from simple responses like “yes/no” and “updated in manuscript.” You’ll apply those suggestions during your revisions as you work toward your first edition. Not only does this exercise help with planning your updates, but it also more clearly demonstrates that you’ve taken reviewer comments into full consideration.