Formatting Requirements

Use pages that measure 8.5 x 11 or 8 x 10 inches.

Ensure your manuscript pages reflect portrait/vertical orientation.

Use mirrored margins, meaning the margins are slightly wider toward the interior of the page to account for book binding. Specific guidelines for margins are as follows:

  • Outer margins: at least 0.75”
  • Inner margins: 0.25” more than the outer margins
  • Top/bottom margins: 1” or 1.25” (if you choose to include headers)
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Unit or chapter opening pages generally feature a right-side (recto) starting page, but the layout of chapter opening pages is ultimately up to you.

Use one of the pre-cleared fonts identified in Quick Guide: Submitting Materials or one of the fonts provided in the main LaTeX program. These fonts should be copyright free and equation friendly. If you use alternative fonts, they are subject to licensing fees and permissions, and we’ll need to assess your chosen font. Please let your project editor know that you’ve use a non-default font, as well as the source of the font you used. Non-standard fonts will also require embedding.

We recommend using 11-point font for the main/body text and 10-point font for footnotes and/or endnotes. Please do not use a font size smaller than 10 point as this may hinder readability.

Running headers or footers are acceptable. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • When placed on the right side (recto) of a page, the header/footer should include the unit/chapter/section and page number.
  • When placed on the left side (verso) of a page, the header/footer should include the book title and page number.
  • For the first page of a unit/chapter, you may use a simple page number at the bottom of the page, aligned to the outer margin, since the first page of a unit/chapter typically differs from the other pages. This is a recommended practice, but is not required.
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Page Number Guidelines

Use Roman numerals for front matter (e.g., preface, foreword, acknowledgments, and any other content that precedes the first main chapter). Because Cognella will add publication front matter (the title and copyright pages), please begin your Roman numeral pagination with “iv.” While you may elect not to display page numbers within your table of contents, the pages themselves should still be counted.

Use Arabic numbering for the main body of your textbook and any end matter (e.g., appendices, glossary, indices, and any other content that follows the last chapter).