Re-Illustrate or Adapt Images (If Needed)

The images you create or select for inclusion in your textbook may need a little adjustment prior to publication.

If you’d like to use an image from our list of approved sources (or have created your own image in a program like Microsoft Word), but it’s faded, blurry, or its accompanying text is illegible, our team can re-illustrate the image. Essentially, we’ll enhance the visual so it appears clean, polished, and easy to read.

If you’d like to use an image that does not come from our list of approved sources, the image may need to be adapted to satisfy copyright requirements and avoid high licensing fees. In this case, our licensing specialists will request that you help provide instructions to alter the content and presentation of the original image by introducing significant differences. In the end, the visual itself will appear noticeably different, but we’ll work to maintain the integrity of the overall concept of the image so it aligns with the content of your book.

Changing the colors of an image is not enough to render it substantially different from the original. If you wish to adapt an image, consider deleting aspects of the image you don’t need, changing its position or the layout elements of the figure, or rephrasing the text and labels. You can also provide us a second image to serve as a stylistic example for the adaptation.

Image re-illustrations generally have a minor impact on the price of your book, but image adaptation costs can add up quickly. Accordingly, we ask that you limit the number of copyrighted images in your manuscript, many of which will require adaptation. Only include images that are absolutely necessary.

If you believe one of your images will need to be re-illustrated or adapted, explain this in Column H of the image log. Be as specific as possible; be sure to note whether the change requested is a re-illustration or adaptation and include whatever instructions you can.