Submitting Your Materials

Once you have completed your image log, added any notes about re-illustration or adaptation, organized your image files, and inserted labels and captions within your manuscript, it’s time to submit all materials to your project editor.

Create a zipped file of your images folder. If it’s small enough, attach the zipped file to an email addressed to your project editor. If it is too large to send by email, please upload the .zip folder to (Note: If you upload the zipped folder, be sure you also email your project editor to let them know that you’ve submitted files via the File Upload Tool; automatic notifications are not sent to your editor from the website.)

For more details on submitting materials, review A Guide to Formatting Your Manuscript or watch the Cognella webinar titled “Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript,” offered monthly. Ask your project editor for available webinar dates and more details about the session.