What If...

… I can’t find any free or public domain images that illustrate my concept?

If there is a copyrighted image that is close to what you are seeking, provide that source in your image log along with instructions for how to adapt it (see previous notes on adaptations). You can also draw a rough sketch that our team can use to develop an original illustration. Your sketch should include key features, details, and notes that express how you want the image to appear. You may also choose to share similar images we can use as a point of reference. (Note: The number of images developed via this method should be limited due to its impact on your book’s price. Please talk to your project editor first.)

… I took my own photos for the book?

In the image log, write “Taken by author” in Column D (source title). You still need to assign each photo a figure number and caption as you would any other image. (Note: You will also need to provide information about anyone depicted within the photo. See the question directly below.)

… I’m using an image of someone I know?

Please provide the person’s name and contact information in your image log so Cognella can seek permission to use their likeness in your book. We will also require the name and contact information of the photographer who took the image, if not you; please provide this information in your image log.

… I created my own charts and graphs in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word?

In the image log, write “Created by author” in Column D (source title). You still need to assign each photo a figure number and caption as you would any other image. If the image has a resolution below 300 dpi, it will need to be re-illustrated (and you’ll need to note that in the log, too).

Note that there are licensing restrictions associated with the use of any clipart available in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. These pieces are copyrighted and can’t be licensed for use in our books. If you are looking for similar images, we recommend reviewing options from our recommended image sources (see Page 2 of this guide) or using the Microsoft Office icons. These are also available in PowerPoint or Word, but are free to use in commercial publications.

For more details on how to access the icon set, watch this video: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/insert-icons-in-microsoft-office-e2459f17-3996-4795-996e-b9a13486fa79

… my friend or family member would like to create artwork for me for my book?

Contributed artwork will not automatically be accepted for publication in your book. We ask that you request artwork samples from your friend or family member and submit them to us for consideration, along with a brief explanation of your reasoning for wanting to include this artwork and its relationship to the book’s content. A committee of editors and designers will review the samples for style, quality, and a clear connection to the book’s written content. Your project editor will inform you of our decision to grant or deny use of the images once the committee reviews your artwork application.

Unsure of next steps or have additional questions? Ask your project editor!