What Cognella Does to Promote Your Book

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has proven our most effective method of reaching targeted audiences and academic contacts. Our email campaigns are engaging, relevant, and informative. We send campaigns to professors who actively teach courses that align with your book’s content. The goal of our email campaigns is to inspire professors to request a digital review copy and, ultimately, select your title for use in their course.

We’ll introduce your book to the market across multiple channels to reach the widest possible audience. A typical promotion includes a book announcement, posts on our website and social media accounts, seasonal email campaigns, and information sends to third-party distributors, namely Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Keep in Mind 

A textbook launch on the national market is a marathon, not a sprint! The ultimate goal is consistent and long-lasting adoption of your book, not overnight success or staggering sales within the first week. It takes time to get your book into the right hands. Our marketing efforts reflect a thoughtful, long-term strategy that aligns with prime adoption timelines and academic schedules.

Title Launch Campaign

This email campaign will feature your title exclusively and emphasize the value of your book. You’ll receive your book’s email campaigns, and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues, associates, and anyone you think might be interested in purchasing or adopting your text.

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Seasonal Announcements

Your book will be included in our seasonal email catalog campaigns. We schedule these campaigns in coordination with prime textbook adoption time frames. We send digital catalogs to instructors who are actively teaching courses that align with the subject matter of your book.

We’ll periodically develop special email campaigns that highlight your title exclusively or alongside complementary texts that appeal to the same audience. We develop campaigns on an ongoing basis according to market trends. Again, we encourage you to share any campaign in which your book is featured.

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Digital Review Copies

If an instructor is interested in learning more about your title and requests a digital review copy, we’ll use a secure digital platform to send them the text in a read-only ebook format. Then, we follow up with them regularly to ask for feedback, answer questions, and, ultimately, help them determine if the book is a resource they’d like to use in their classroom. If they choose to adopt your title, our adoptions team will work closely with them to walk them through the process and ensure they have the resources and support needed to successfully integrate your text into their curriculum.