What You Can Do to Promote Your Book

You play an important role in the success of your book! Engaged and proactive authors tilt the odds in their favor. Here are some suggestions for promoting your text.

Utilize your network! Send information about your title to your friends, colleagues, and associates. Be sure to include a link to your book listing in the Cognella Title Catalog.

Join online listservs, news groups, and other forums in your academic discipline to build community and contribute to the conversation. Many groups will allow you to share information about your book; of course, review groups’ rules regarding promotion before jumping in.

Create an author page or website. Populate it with your bio, pictures, and other promotional materials that relate to your book. Let us know if you have an author page, and we’ll provide a link to it in the Cognella Title Catalog.

Provide us with contact information for colleagues or instructors who might be interested in using your book in their courses. Our team will follow up to provide instructors with a digital review copy, answer questions about the book, and encourage its adoption.

Tell us when you plan to attend conferences or speak at special events. We can prepare promotional materials for you to distribute. Additionally, if you’re able to collect attendee names and contact information, we can send them a digital review copy of your book. Our adoptions team will follow up to see if these new contacts have any interest in using your title in their classroom.

Use social media to share your book with friends, colleagues, and associates. Connect with Cognella and interact with and share posts about your title.

Solicit reviews for your text. We’re happy to provide you with a secure link to a digital review copy of your book. Feel free to send along the link to solicit reviews directly from colleagues, professionals, or journals within your discipline. Contact our team when your book is reviewed so we can add the review to your online textbook listings.

Contact your university, department, and alumni associations to request they include information about your book in their newsletter, web content, or other communication pieces. Offer to write articles related to the subject of your text.

Write opinion pieces for blogs, online newsletters, and academic journals. Participate in interviews about your discipline and be sure to mention your book! If you do, let us know, so we can post a link to this content in the Cognella Title Catalog and on our social media platforms.

Select preview text from your book we can feature in the Cognella Title Catalog. If there is a chapter you feel is especially relevant, we can offer a preview of it instead of the traditional first chapter preview.

Create instructor resources or Cognella Active Learning activities to support the content of your book. These resources play an important role in securing adoptions of your textbook.

Identify award opportunities for your text. If you find an award for which you’d like to apply, contact our marketing team. We’ll work with you to review the criteria of the award, decide if it’s a viable opportunity, and if it is, help you submit your book. As you search, please be aware of deadlines. They vary greatly and often require significant advance notice to apply.