Quick Guide: Memory Matching

Memory matching exercises are ungraded activities that provide students with fun, engaging ways to review images and related content. Students may match variations of images and words, phrases, or formulas.

Guidance for Memory Matching

  • A maximum of 20 individual items (10 pairs) is suggested, but a minimum of 6 individual items (3 pairs) is required.
  • An activity may include items with words/phrases/formulas or audio clips, but not both.
  • To include special characters on items (e.g., formulas, equations), see Quick Guide: Using LaTeX for Cognella Active Learning.
  • We recommend audio clips only be associated with the images when doing so is essential to the subject matter (such as in a foreign language or music class).
  • Third-party content from Spotify may not be used in these activities.

Working with Images and Audio

Before developing any content related to images and audio recordings, please see Active Learning Image Guide and Quick Guide: Selecting and Recording Audio. Record these resources in the relevant image log or audio log and submit the logs to your Active Learning project editor.