Common Types of Photos Submitted

Headshots and Portraits

Helpful tips for headshots and portraits:

  • Ideally, someone else will take your photo (see Licensing Considerations earlier in this guide).
  • If you need to take your headshot yourself, we recommend using a selfie stick to create distance between you and the camera to avoid the photo looking like a social media selfie.
  • We recommend including no more than your torso.
  • Wear solid colors.

Example of a poor headshot:

Alt Text

Figure 5. Selfies and too-closely cropped photos create a “floating head” illusion. Image copyright © 2013 Depositphotos/jbryson.

Example of a good headshot:

Alt Text

Figure 6. By including shoulders in the shot and adding more distance between the camera and subject, the headshot appears much more professional. Image copyright © 2013 Depositphotos/jbryson.