Examples of Test Bank Questions Properly Formatted within Microsoft Word

Multiple Choice 

1. What is the capital of California?

@ Though San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are major cities in California, none of them are the state capital.

a. San Diego
b. San Francisco
*c. Sacramento
d. Los Angeles

Please note:

Indicating the type of question is not required for multiple choice questions.

Because test banks may be imported into digital test-taking systems, we recommend avoiding answer choices such as: “A and C;” or “All of the above.” Structuring an answer choice in this way negates the ability to employ answer choice randomization. Instead, rewrite the full answer choice.


3. True or False? Albert Michelson determined the exact speed of light.

*a. True

b. False

Please note:

Indicating the type of question is not required for true/false questions.

Fill in the Blank

Type: F

1. _______ is known as the “father of Surrealism?”

@ In 1924, Andre Breton published the  Surrealist Manifesto, declaring Surrealism “pure psychic automatism” and, in doing so, launching a new art movement.

a. Andre
b. Breton
c. Andre Breton

Please note:

Asterisks to indicate a correct answer are not required for this question type.

Multiple forms of the correct answer may be provided, as shown above. Accordingly, provide all answers that would be considered correct. This is NOT case-sensitive, so no need to list a word twice in different cases.

We are not able to accommodate questions that ask students to fill in multiple blanks. For example: In 1924, the “father of Surrealism” ______ wrote ____________. (Breton, Surrealist Manifesto)

However, these could be separated into two separate fill-in-the-blank questions.

_______ is known as the “father of Surrealism.”

In 1924, the “father of Surrealism” wrote ___________.


Type: MT

1. Match the Victorian author with the name of their published work:

a. Charles Dickens = Bleak House
b. Charlotte Bronte = Villette
c. Oscar Wilde = The Picture of Dorian Gray

Please note:

Asterisks to indicate a correct answer are not required for this question type. Simply use a single space, equals symbol, and another single space to match answers, as demonstrated above.

Additionally, you must include a minimum of three sets in order to create a matching question. For example, if option c. (Oscar Wilde = The Picture of Dorian Gray) was not included in the question above, we would not be able to accommodate the set.

Multiple Answer

Type: MA

1. Which of the following individuals are credited with achieving the first “powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine?”

@ Sir George Cayley is considered the “father of the aeroplane,” and Alberto SantosDumont made the first public flight in Europe. However, the Wright Brothers are credited with the first flight.

a. Sir George Cayley
*b. Wilbur Wright
c. Albert Santos-Dumont
*d. Orville Wright
e. Amelia Earhart

Please note:

We recommend that you provide at least five answer choices for each multiple answer question.

Short Response/Essay

Type: E

1. How did Andre Breton influence a new art movement?

*a. In 1924, he published the Surrealist Movement and, in doing so, launched a new art movement.

Please note: 

Asterisks to indicate a correct answer are not required for this question type.

This question type must always be manually graded by instructors. Providing an answer is optional but highly encouraged as answer suggestions help adopting instructors grade student responses.

Create a set of questions for each textbook chapter or course lesson. This allows instructors to select assessment questions according to the chapters or lessons they choose to cover in a course.

For each chapter or lesson, produce enough questions for instructors to create multiple versions of an exam.

If you are creating a math/math-related title, we recommend that you do not use MathType to insert equations into your test bank in Microsoft Word as they may become distorted. Use the native “Insert equation” function in Word to include complex equations instead. Contact your Cognella rep if you have any questions or concerns regarding equations.