Importing Images

If necessary, you may embed images throughout your test bank. Examples of necessary images include those students must reference in order to answer a question or a mathematical equation that may be difficult to format correctly within a Word document.

Images may be taken from the bank of images approved for your text, the public domain, or a site providing images under a Creative Commons license. If you use new images (any image not previously approved for use in your text), add those images to a new image log and they will be reviewed and approved by the Cognella licensing team.

Generally, images embedded within Microsoft Word documents easily import to digital documents and platforms, though the image quality or clarity may suffer during the transfer. To ensure the use of a clear image, embed an image directly within your test bank and send your Cognella rep the original image file. If you have any questions regarding the use of images in your test bank, please speak with your Cognella rep.

Unsure of next steps or have additional questions? Ask your Cognella rep!