Licensing and Distribution Considerations

Our dedicated licensing associates will review your course content to ensure all materials are available for public distribution and that all third-party content is properly attributed. The following tips will help ensure the materials you select for inclusion in your online course are available for publication.


If you will have any contributors who collaborate in the creation of your course, please provide their full names and e-mail addresses to your project editor. We will ask contributors to sign a work release form.

Third-party Content

Original and non-original images, pre-published video clips, and original and non-original audio should be reviewed and approved by Cognella for inclusion. Please track these types of third-party and original resources in an image, video, or audio log and provide the log(s) to your project editor.

The following links to Cognella resources will help you to select third-party content from approved resources.

Active Learning Image Guide

Quick Guide: Selecting and Recording Audio

Guidelines for Selecting YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Software: Please let your Active Learning project editor know if you plan to use or show any software programs in your materials, such as Excel, SPSS, or other proprietary programs. This includes non-essential pieces, such as a PowerPoint logo or toolbar ribbon.


Use a plain colored background or the Cognella template for any slide presentations that you may wish to include. Slideshow backgrounds, such as those found on PowerPoint or Canva, are not freely available for commercial republication at this time. Your project editor can provide you with the Cognella PowerPoint template if you would like to use this.

Fair Use Guidelines

These guidelines refer to embedding other authors’ work in your materials. In general, you may embed content from other sources if the total content is less than 350 words. The material still requires an appropriate citation. If you plan to include direct excerpts from other sources, please ask your project editor for the Cognella Copyright and Fair Use Guide and Guide for References and Citations. You may also request Cognella’s Guide for Paraphrasing Successfully. Properly tracking these resources will help ensure we are not asked to remove the content later.